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Product Care

Product Care

How to take care of the jewellery?

In order to keep your jewellery to its best, we suggest to avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and water, which can affect the appearance negatively, being the vegetable ivory sensitive to such agents .
Avoid spraying perfumes, lacquers and cosmetic products directly on the product. Do not clean it with chemicals, use only water and cotton with mild soap to clean it gently to get the dirt off.  Do not take showers wearing jewellery or swim in salt water or chlorine. Store in the shade away from light, in its original packaging or natural fiber materials. Do not pull the faux leather cords that could tear off. Taking these suggestions into consideration,  your jewellery will last for a long time.


What are the metal parts?

We use plated metal or zamak, and nickel free metals like brass or steel for earrings, in most cases. The materials, are specified in each product sheet. They are always lead, nickel and cadmium free. Metal supports can  get darker, especially if in direct contact with perfumes, water and materials that could damage them. The metal is particularly reactive in wet or humid conditions. Remove the jewellery before applying perfume, hairspray, lotions or makeup. Avoid contact with household cleaning products. To clean them, use a non-abrasive jewellery cleaner or water and mild soap. Use a soft cloth to carefully clean the object. After cleaning, rinse with warm water and let dry completely. Taking into considerations these maintenance advices, you can keep your KORI jewel at its best.


How to keep the faux leather and suede parts?

For faux leather and suede parts, use a stain-resistant and water-resistant spray for leather.
Use a damp cloth or a sponge to rub the saddle soap to the leather and work it with a little foam. Clean the foam and allow to air dry. Store them in  natural fiber cloth. If the faux suede gets wet, absorb excess with a clean towel and allow the suede to dry naturally; do not use artificial heat to speed up the process. After drying, restore the hair (the fibers typical of suede) with a suede brush.