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Are all jewels made of vegetable ivory seeds?

All our creations are made using the seeds of vegetable ivory collected in the tropical rainforest of Ecuador, and checked for quality in all its stages, removing the unsuitable seeds. They are natural and environmentally friendly seeds, being a resource that is renewed naturally and spontaneously, no harm to nature to obtain them is done.

Are the jewels heavy?

Vegetable ivory seeds are very light. Even our thickest  necklaces have a very limited weight and are comfortable and easy to wear with any outfit.

What is the natural color of the vegetable ivory? Where do the other colors come from?

The natural color of the vegetable ivory is ivory, white bone. All the other colors we use in our jewels come from organic Italian and Swiss dye and are non-toxic at all.

Does the color of the jewelry fade?

If the care advices are applied, nothing will happen and the color  will last long. We recommend to see the “Product Care” section to take care of your jewellery properly as soon as you buy it.

How to tell the difference from vegetable ivory to other materials?

The main characteristics to keep in mind are color, hardness and brightness. The original color is natural white bone and not like ice, the shade of animal ivory. The color has two variables, the shape and the tone. There is a lack of flake and a waxen sheen. The mark, which can be noticed especially after the dying process, recalls the human fingerprints and is typical of the vegetable ivory, having pores that makes its absorption easily. As for hardness, when we inflict a nail in its consistency it does not mark itself, its hardness is in fact 2,5 of the scale of Mohs. Being made of cellulose, if you put it on a flame it burns and produces the characteristic smell of natural and non-toxic elements, not like plastic materials.

Animal sourced products,that are in some parts of the jewels like the horn,or the faux leather of the strings, etc., are ethically sourced?

Yes, horn and leather products are faux and of ethically sourced, which means they come from the best post-consumer materials. No animals were killed for the horn, or the leather. We try to keep it ethical and organic as much as possible, whenever possible.