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About us


It is the first Italian brand specializing in eclectic
and unique jewels made of vegetable ivory, also called “tagua”.


Based in the city of Bolonia, Italy, the company was founded in September 2018. Founder and creative director Valentina, lived for a decade in Latin America, especially in Ecuador, where she lived for several years working as Exectuive Director of an Italian Company.

In the country has the opportunity to discover the vegetable ivory and its art, and also the skilled artisans that have been working with this material for generations. Fallen in love with the originality of this material, very much appreciated for its qualities, when she moves back to Italy decides to set up an ethical and artesanal jewellery brand, keeping up with current susteinability trends.

Jewels that aim to create a positive environmental and social impact, and establish in the global market of accessories.

KORI in the kitchwa language, the native language of the indigenous people of Ecuador means gold, wealth. Our gold is the vegetable ivory and the wealth is represented by the people who make our creations. Our workshop is located at 2900mt on the Andes, in Quito, Ecuador and our team consists of about ten artisans.

Each piece of our brand is unique because it is completely handcrafted. We believe that a handmade creation has a story to tell that fast fashion trends and mass-produced products cannot be telling.

Behing each jewel there is a story, a human touch and the invisible reality of many artisans.

A KORI jewel is not only one of a kind, ( there are no two identical pieces) but also the certainty of  a positive impact to the ecosystem, preventing the tropical rainforest from the deforestation and the slaughter of animals for the animal ivory, being its eco-friendly substitute.

At the same time represents an  incredible social impact in the lives of the artisans who have been working with this material for generations, and who count on this art to make a living, and keep a culture and traditions alive.


KORI has a commitment with the environment and the community.


We make quality ethical and sustainable vegetable ivory  trendy jewels for the new fashion and accessories global market, for conscious consumer and also for those that look for something unconventional and original, with a  story to tell.

Kori is based upon fair trade principals which are trust,respect, building long term relationship with the artisans, fair wages, same sex opportunities and much more.

We only use vegetable ivory, a natural and sustainable material that is naturally renewable and goes through a long process before turn into a actual jewel. The color comes  from the vegetable dye we use from Italy and Swiss, and is not toxic.

The artisans we work with are very skilled and for generations have been working with this material. We personally  go to Ecuador during the year to make decisions about the collection and meet the artisans.

As well as in the packaging of our products we take care of the environment using sustainable and biodegradable materials.